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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 24, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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so in yr fe. >> back to you, greg. >> i like watching you workout. >> bye, everybody. closed captioning services, inc >> bret: a supremely confident president obama declares he has another five years in office to get things done. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. one of the big challenges that president obama faces in the re-election year could be the rising price of gasoline. today, he outlined what he is doing about it. he also telegraphed what he thinks of his chances in november. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the prediction. >> reporter: president obama is sounding awfully confident, almost guaranteeing he will win re-election, despite dealing with 8% unemployment
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and soaring gasoline prices. >> my presidency is not over. i have another five years coming up. >> reporter: in an interview he defended himself that he broke a promise to get immigration reform done the first year. showing he does have a close eye on the election, the president insisted he still has strong support among latinos by extending the payroll tax cut. >> provides 25 million latinos with an extra $40 in paycheck. >> that $40 could be wiped out by one tank of gas for latinos or anybody else. the average price per gallon has risen 82% for miami where the president today fired back saying his opponents are licking their chops to blast him. and there is no silver bullet. >> they are dusting off their three-point plan for $2 gas. i will save you defense. step one is to drill. step two is to drill. step three is to keep drilling. >> on cue, republican
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candidate newt gingrich had an event today claiming he could bring the price at the much down by drilling. >> we had a petition drive in 2008 called drill here, drill now, pay less. it become drill, baby, drill. >> the president today asserted the real reason for the spike in prices is instability in iran. noted he had increase prod duction at home. republicans charge it's largely from the left over bush policies and fault this president focusing on clean energy. >> the president is impervious to the fact when it comes to energy. he claims that the renewable sector will lead america's economic recovery. >> passing energy plan is working with congress. >> i would only broke the problem if i hadn't tried. ultimately, i'm one man. we live in a democracy. we don't live in a monarchy. i'm not the king.
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i'm the president. >> reporter: the president's staff shirs his optimism about five more years. yesterday reporters asked jay carney about the song the president has been singing and he said maybe the next one will be next january at the inaugural where he said the president will celebrate. bret? >> bret: clearly a strategy. thank you. the four men vying for a chance to go head-to-head with the president this fall are about to enter eight-day stretch in which nearly half the total delegates needed to win the republican nomination will be in play. the period starts tuesday with primary in michigan and arizona and follows last night's debate in mesa. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel shows us what is happening today. >> he explained why he voted to the bridge to nowhere, though that was against principles. >> i don't remember a politician saying why he voted against the principles. i'll abide by the principles.
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>> the day after the debate, romney went after santorum who last night tried to explain the vote through the education reform no child left behind and said he was supporting one of president bush's prioritie priorities. >> i have to admit i voted for that. when you are part of the team you take one for the team for the leader and i made a mistake. >> santorum took heat from ron paul who was asked why he is questioning santorum's credentials as a fiscal conservative? >> because he's a fake. >> i'm real. >> congratulations. >> gingrich saved his fire for president obama. >> this is a sober period. this is the most dangerous president on national security in history. this president says if you're oan enemy you're safe.
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we only worry about american ally. >> on social issues they criticized not asking about then senator obama about abortion in 2008 while republican candidates face many questions this year. >> if we are going to have a debate about who the extremist is on the issues it's president obama, a state senator voted to protect doctors who kill babies who survive the abortion. not republicans. >> latest poll show gingrich third in arizona and fourth in michigan. he traveled to washington state that has the caucus march 3. santorum's campaign started running this ad in michigan using romney's own words against him. obama campaign started to run this ad in detroit, grand rapids, lansing and flint ahead of tuesday's primary, contrasting what mr. obama did, bailing out u.s. auto makers and position of the g.o.p. candidates. >> every republican candidate turned their back.
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>> don't bet against the american auto industry. >> santorum is competing for similar voters running as a conservative alternative to romney if the election cycle has proven to be highly unpredictable. bret? >> bret: that is true. thank you. two american soldiers were killed today in rioting resulting from the burning of muslim holy books by u.s. troops in afghanistan. the death occurred as we learned of a rare overture by president obama. we have the story from kabul. >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators took to the street for the third day in a row, protesting what the u.s. military says was mistaken burning of quran by american troops. angry afghans tried to storm a u.s. military base. during the attack, two american soldiers were killed. others wounded. then afghan soldier opened fire on u.s. forces.
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the afghan soldier was outraged over the quran burning incident that occurred after the prisoners had written in the holy book and used them to pass messages that the u.s. military says could have incited violence. in an effort to calm protection, obama sent letter to hamid karzai. statement by the white house said -- "in the letter delivered by ambassador crocker this afternoon in kabul, the president also expressed our regret and apology over the incident in which religious material was unintentionally misurata handled at bagram air base." they are trying to return to the cause, calling on the afghan security forces to "turn their guns on the foreign infidel invaders." >> we had demonstrations throughout the country and there is no indications that these are anything other than popular expressions of outrage over this incident. >> despite apologies from top u.s. officials the crisis continues to deepen.
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today, president karzai demanded they put the soldiers responsible for burning the quran on trial. tomorrow, afghans meet for friday prayers and the protest is expected to intensify. >> bret: moments ago at rally in spokane, washington, newt gingrich criticized president obama for the apology letter. >> the president apologized for the burning. but i haven't seen the president demand that the government of afghanistan apologize for the killing of two young americans. >> bret: the west is said to be about to present been ultimatum to syryrian president bashar assad. so far, all other efforts to end the carnage in syria have been ineffective. the latest from the battlefield tonight from national security correspondent jennifer griffin contains some images you may find disturbing.
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>> plea for help from the same attack that killed journalist marie colvin. one shown here and colvin's photographer paul conroy hiding with syrian doctors. >> in 2012,ers i was wounded in rocket attack yesterday. in my leg. my colleague marie was killed in the same attack. >> this unconfirmed video shows syrian forces continuing to hit homs. leaving across among opposition fighters. the government won't allow american red cross to remove the wounded journalists or the body of colvin or injured photographer. they plan to meet friday to press syrian president assad to step down, amid calls to arm syria's opposition who will also be represented at the meeting. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke from london. >> i know it's not a satisfying answer to say we have to take this day-by-day,
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but that's my answer. we have to take this day-to day-by-day. it is clear to me that there will be a breaking point. >> fox news what learned president obama has not sought any military plans from the pentagon for an intervention similar to libya. >> syria's much different. different location. strong army, strong capability. not the kind of easy staging areas we would need for libya style intervention. >> so far, assad has been careful not to use his air force. which could provoke the international community to intervene and set up a no-fly zone. instead, his regime continues to pound its civilians with artillery, without fear of any consequences. meanwhile, u.s. central command is concerned about syria's chemical weapon facilities, estimated at 50 separate sites and those chemicals and weapons could fall in the wrong hands. bret? >> bret: jennifer, thank
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you. a rapid series of attacks in at least a dozen iraqi cities have left at least 55 people dead today. most of the deaths from the apparently coordinated bombing and shooting occurred in baghdad. iraqi officials are blaming al-qaeda. seven marines were killed in a training accident when two helicopters collided in the desert near california, along the california-arizona border wednesday night. the area was used because of the similarity to the environment in afghanistan. there is no word yet on what caused that crash. a snitch, a rat and a big reward. that's later in the grapevine. up next, not paying the price for going bankrupt.
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>> bret: a bankruptcy judge approved almost $400,000 in bonuses for employees at a company that went bankrupt after getting a half billion
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dollar loan guarantee from you and other taxpayers. national correspondent steve centanni is here with the latest on the solyndra saga. good evening, steve. >> hi, bret. yeah, this decision seems to be addle fuel to the political firestorm called solyndra. in 2010, president obama hailed solyndra as the vanguard of the new solar industry. but the company went under. 1100 people were laid off. some of them filed suit to stop a total of $500,000 in bonuses from being said to a handful of remaining employees. a judge reduce reduced the amouo $375,000. but approved the payment. some wonder why solyndra needs these highly valued employees just to help sell off its assets. >> the current bonuses paid, whether they make sense or not highlight that we have a stream of errors that led to as will of nearly half a billion dollars on the part of taxpayers. >> solyndra is under investigation by house committee that wants to know why and how a half-billion
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government loan granted to start a company in which obama fundraiser was a main investor. investigators claim the white house is stonewalling requests for documents but the white house says 187,000 pages of documents have been turned over and still there is no evidence of wrongdoing. the supporters say the republicans aren't doing themselves any favor. >> the obsession with solyndra is a sign of how weak the republican agenda is. this is not a big issue and not something people are voting on in the fall. >> the solyndra issue is set for another hearing on capitol hill next month. bret? >> bret: steve, thank you. greek lawmakers approved a massive bomb swap that would wipe out $142 billion of debt. nearly empty house passed the measure by show of hands. also today, the european commission forecast .3 of a percentage point contraction in the euro zone economy this year. stocks here in the u.s. were up today. the dow gained 46. the s&p 500 finished ahead 6.
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the nasdaq was up 24. we told you before about the massive public bail-out for mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. tonight, what you could perceive as adding insult to injury at your continued expense. chief washington correspondent james rosen has our story. >> for franklin raines, former ceo of embattled fannie mae, testifying under oath is more common occurrence than he would with, along with former cfo and another colleague, he faces security trial in washington where the three are accused of using accounting fraud to inflate fannie's stock price and their bonuses. the three denied wrongdoing. in this, in other lawsuit, probe and administrative action they run up eight-year legal tab. all picked up by the u.s. taxpayers. so concludes a new report of the inspector general of the federal housing finance agency that studied indemnification
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of former executives. >> this is pretty common. this is not an exceptionable deal it was a made for a few people that freddie mac and fannie mae. it's probably in 95% of the contracts of publicly held companies. >> fhfa inspector general explains due to contractual obligations, fhfa believe the option are limited to paying current legal fees for officers and directors. they nonetheless believe that fhfa must continue effort to control and scrutinize these legal expenses. but if organizations like fannie mae and freddie want to attract top level executive talent, curtailing the access to top level legal talent will prove difficult. >> when you have a deposition do you have to have three lawyers in the room? if it's taxpayers' money we need three, maybe four. there is no accountability for keeping the legal cost within a proper reference point. >> by july, inspector general
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will receive report on the fhfa on steps that they are taking to rein in legal bills. james rosen, fox news. >> bret: up next, why some american businesses are pulling up stakes and going to canada. later, one woman's crusade to overcome government red tape. and get a legal handgun.
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>> bret: talks between the u.s. and north korea resumed today. the restart had been delayed for two months after the death of kim jong il. the u.s. wants north korea to abandon the nuclear weapons program. the north is seeking food, aid and diplomatic concessions. the soldiers are accused of biggest leak in u.s. history deferred his plea.
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army private bradley manning delayed the trial by military jury or judge and is charged with giving half a million sensitive battlefield reports to the wikileaks website. >> bret: the supreme court heard lobbying about a law to make at it crime to receive top military honors. decision about the legality of the stolen valor act is expected by late june. wednesday, we told you how president obama and his republican challengers are coming up with their versions of corporate tax reform. tonight, correspondent steve brown shows us just how damaging the current tax policy can be. >> welcome to the business friendly land of canada. that's right. canada. forbes magazine ranked the northern neighbor the top company to do business in. >> a clear advantage we have over the u.s. counterparts, than having a better corporate tax rate. >> better as in lower. the u.s. corporate rate before deductions is 35%.
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second highest in the world to japan. in canada, the combined federal and provincial rate range from 25 to 28%. >> this is an incentive for to us be there because of that. >> arvin makes exhaust system for toyota in three u.s. plants but to more efficiently supply a canadian assembly line, the new facility is built in london, ontario. >> retailer target is in the midst of the single largest ever expansion between 100 and 150 stores hiring tens of thousands of new employees, all of them in canada. there is an opportunity to expand to canada. >> wal-mart has a toe hold in the canadian market and is expanding. part of what canada holds is the economic stability. it weathered the recent recession better than the u.s. >> the mortgage issue in the u.s. that devastated banks didn't have the same impact in
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canada. generally more frugal as a population. >> if you wish these american companies were expanding more in the u.s., former top obama economist says going north of the border helps business on both sides. >> you want american companies to export to support jobs in the u.s.. to do that you have to go where the customers are and where it's growing. >> right now, that is canada. steve brown, fox news. >> hollywood apparently isn't all that open minded after all. that story next in grapevine. what's next for the occupy wall street movement8p
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♪ >> bret: now some fresh pickingings from the political grapevine. tale of two occupations. amidst talk that the occupy wall street movement is waning some in the group are planning a national convention in philadelphia over the fourth of july weekend. it's modeled after the founding father continental congress gathering in 1776. the general esemiably will include 876 elected delegates across the country. they will draft and ratify what they call a petition for a redress of grieve venss. that will likely include issues such as getting money out of politics and dealing with student loan debt. an occupy wall street public relations official says the organization is not endorsing the conference. occupy philadelphia went so
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far as to pass a resolution saying it does not support anything associated with the gathering. >> the son of oscar winning filmmaker a ver stone says he incurred more opposition to his conversion to islam than he thought. he is having trouble financing movie projects because american investors are concerned he is a terrorist. he said his dad is nervous for him. the younger stone who adopted the name ali says he has several projects in the works and says tehran officials asked him to meet with the supreme leader and president of iran to talk about financing for future film efforts in the country on his next visit. finally a virginia animal shelter is offering a $500 reward for information to leading to arrest in conviction of the person who wrapped a rat in masking tape and left it on the side of the road.
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local police responded to a report, found the rat and called the humane society to the scene. the shelter says the rat is recovering. friendly. and may become a permanent shelter pet. now a story for how difficult it can be for a person to legally obtain a handgun in america. shannon bream has one woman's struck to protect herself by the book. >> emily miller says despite a ruling to make it possible for law abiding citizens to get gun, her path was littered with delays, unexpected expenses and stonewalling. >> the gun control measures are counterproductive. they are not stopping the criminals from getting guns. the criminals are getting guns easily. >> miller has been writing about her experience for her
1:32 am
employer, "washington post." they must be purchased outside d.c. only one man likely to bring them in the hat-trick at cost of $125. to complete firearm training they must find a license instructor. there are none in d.c. you must be fingerprinted take a written test, submit gun for ballistics testing and make multiple visit to police station. you have to do it in business hours so for most applicants it's taking off work multiple times. it took her five months, and $500, plus the cost of her gun. they acknowledge d.c. has a problem with guns they are working to lessen the burden on law abiding citizens. >> it will make it easier to register gun. >> they point to chicago man otis mcdonald that won case in the supreme court in 2010.
1:33 am
but after that victory he found it expensive and difficult to get a gun. >> no secret they are trying to nullify, reverse and gut the supreme court decision. there roadblocks to make it impossible to experience for average citizen. >> 2 char 157 guns have been legally registered since they ordered d.c. to make it possible. in 2008. last year alone police here recovered 1900 illegal guns. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> senate democrats want jan brewer to testify about her state's immigration law. it allows them to question those they encounter in regular duties. the administration sued to stop it and lower courts blocked most of it. the u.s. supreme court said it will take the case this year.
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we will talk about president obama's energy speech and see if it energized the fox all-stars, including charles krauthammer.
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you can bet that since it's an election year, they are already dusting off their three-point plan for $2 gas. i'll safe you the suspense. step one is to drill and step two is to drill. step three is to keep dril drilling. >> the american people aren't stupid. they know that's not a plan. especially since we're already drilling. that is a bumper sticker. it's not a strategy to solve our energy challenge. >> bret: the president in florida asserting the real reason gas prices are up are instability in iran and you heard him there saying he increased production at home. oil production.
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take a quick look from triple-a. the stats of gas prices in the administration from january 20, 2009, $1.84. there is the different increments up to february 23. $3.61. that is average. some places are higher. what about this and energy strategy going forward? bring in the panel. bill kristol, editor of "weekly standard." charles lane, opinion writer for "washington post." syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. okay, bill, what about the president's pitch and explanation and how it plays? >> i kept looking for the speech for the most notable policy initiative of the administration, which was cap and trade. remember that? the democratic congress, the house passed the bill. that was the centerpiece of the legislative agenda? what happened to that? he doesn't mention it. he is adjusting politically, and i give him credit for that, i suppose, as a political matter. he is a flexible president. now he is very concerned about rising gas prices.
1:39 am
he is for subsidizing the solar energy policies -- companies. >> bret: chuck, the only republican speaking out about this today was former house speaker newt gingrich on the trail talking energy. take a listen. >> we had a petition drive in 2008 called drill here, drill now, pay less. i think the american people as they look at gasoline rising and rising and rising, are going to realize what we need to do is change in a dramatic way. this is a radical left wing administration. which is against developing energy in the united states. actively engaged appeasing the enemy in the middle east. dangerous for the future economically and national security terms. >> bret: how does this play politically? >> never good to be incumbent politician of any kind while gas prices are going up because you get blamed for being there when it happens.
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there is empirical evidence it could cost you a state or two running for president if gas prices are going up. but don't worry. i bet by november gas prices will be on their way down. this kind of a spike occurs every year at this time. >> bret: unless israel attacks iran. >> sure. but that won't be obama's fault. everybody will understand that will be a situation. gas prices tend to go up in the spring and the market works and they're back down by the fall. we've been through this. gas prices, sorry, folks are not president's fault. he is right about, that because it a political issue he has to come out and give this kind of unconvincing speech he did today. >> bret: charles, on the increase in production at home, republicans counter that the drilling, the new drilling is largely because of deals struck in the bush administration. this administration has really not done all it could to expand energy, resource, development here at home. >> bret: that is right. the other reason we have had
1:41 am
this explosion of production has to do with the new technology, horizontal drilling. again, something about which the administration has nothing to do. i was impressed by the president's analysis of this situation. he says as we heard, drilling for oil to relieve our dependency is not a solution or a plan. he said we have to go to clean energy. he talks about something really, revolutionary today. algae. it's not oil. the solution is algae. because we know the secretary of energy is physicist that won the nobel prize, the president knowing this stuff said one reason we should do this is because we can grow algae here in the united states. it happens algae grows on
1:42 am
anywhere on earth. i looked it up while i was away for three days. it grows in oceans, lake and pond and swimming pool when the pool man is on vacation. on turtle, sloths, the park of trees and rocks. why are we drilling for oil? we are the saudi arabia of rocks. we have a mountain range called the rockies. we are allowing ourselves to be dominated by the oil producers. i think he is on to something here. that is truly revolutionary. why build a keystone pipeline with real oil from canada to put in real refinery and real existing cars when you can do algae? i think he is on to something. this shows the vision, to hope and change he promised in 2008. >> bret: tongue out of cheek, bill. >> sorry i brought the level of discussion so low. >> bret: to that point, the
1:43 am
administration's focus on clean energy, the president as a candidate promised to be off foreign oil, importing foreign oil in ten years. we are at 3-1/2. there is a focus in this administration as clean energy as alternative. what about that on a republican side and how it plays politically? >> look, i think solyndra and other like companies that will have algae version of solyndra. aljaendry and they will waste money of taxpayers money. we have had someone on the show earlier, clip, democratic strategist saying that's not a big issue. i don't buy that. that embodies the crony capitalism of the obama administration and we know best in washington. we're going to target money to this, rather than for that. deregulate. let people drill on public land. let them invest in solar energy and algae if they want to as well. we will gradually solve the energy problem. >> bret: one thing about the
1:44 am
coverage of this, there weren't a lot of media organizations saying the president doesn't control the price of gas when president bush was in office. you have didn't hear a lot of that, at that time. is that fair? >> i don't know. i don't remember the coverage as vividly as you do, bret. >> we can remind you. >> it's often through the prism of what happened with president bush -- >> it's true that democrats. we had tape on fox earlier. nancy pelosi trashed george bush for allegedly raising the price of gas, when it was going up when he was president. listen, how do you know a politician is talking nonsense about energy? because his lips are moving. we have been at this now decades. claiming we're going to become independent of foreign oil, et cetera, et cetera. both parties. it never happens. oil is spongeable. there is rising demand. >> bret: there has to be commitment to do it. >> obama argues against oil
1:45 am
because he's right, it won't happen overnight. republicans argued for 25 years to open up the arctic. what do democrats argue in the '80s and '90s and the last decade? it will take three years or five. well, that was quarter century ago. they blocked it every year, clinton administration stopped it every year. after a quarter of a century, still today, it won't happen tomorrow. of course not. but there is a history here of preducing domestic production in the united states. that's why we're in the hole we are. >> it is a fact that thanks to north dakota domestic production of oil in the united states risen in obama's term. maybe he didn't do anything to help it but why he was there it went up. >> why deny the opportunity to double and trip that increase? >> i don't know that there is a policy ready in hand to make it happen. >> how about the arctic wildlife refuge? how about drilling on continental coast of atlantic or pacific? all these are shut down by democrats. >> well, look, there are republican governors who have been around called jeb bush
1:46 am
who weren't crazy about drilling off of florida either. >> crazy or not, the regulations are made in washington. >> bret: i have to get in here. we have another topic. >> get in early on algae. that is my view. >> bret: you when i stick the hand out, that means wrap it up. i know it's been three days. >> i forgot all the signals here. >> bret: next up, the 2012 race. who do you think is the best position monk republicans. entering next week's primary. we'll be right back. what makes the sleep number store different?
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♪ ♪ i'm a guy who has lived in the world of business. if you don't balance your budget in business, you go out of business. so i lived balancing budgets. >> if you look at my record on spending, taking on entitlements, never having voted for appropriation bill
1:50 am
increase, you look at my record of never having raised taxes. >> i think that the fact is that the american public are really desperate to find somebody who can solve real problems. >> recently, there was a poll in iowa and it matched the four of us up against obama. guess what? i did the very best. >> bret: the debate, last night. mesa, arizona, there were four positive sound bites from each of the candidates. but large portion of the debate was going after each other. specifically, ganging up at times on former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. back with the panel. thoughts on the debate and the fall-out? bill? >> it changed my -- i think there was sniping at each other but they don't disagree much on fundamental issues. what is striking how socially conservative mitt romney sounded, i thought. and how basically entitlement reform, curbing spending, they can snipe at the past record. rick santorum wasn't tough enough in the senate or romney wasn't good enough as governor.
1:51 am
going forward, i think that it's conservative alternative to president obama. >> bret: federal funding for contraception came up. title 10 funding. there was an exchange, take a quick listen. >> as congressman paul knows i oppose title 10 funding. i've always opposed title 10 funding but it's included a largeer appropriation bill that includes a host of other things including the funnel for the national institute of health, funding for health and human services and other departments, multibillion dollar bill. >> this demonstrates the problem i'm talking about. there is always an excuse to do this. >> senator, i just saw a youtube clip of you being interviewed you said you personally opposed contraceptives but that you said you voted for title 10. you said this in a positive light, i voted for title 10. >> i think i was making it clear while i have a personal, moral objection to it, though i don't support it, that i voted for bills that included it. >> bret: that was a firing line there, chuck?
1:52 am
>> santorum sounded like john kerry in 2007 saying i voted for the $87 billion before i voted against it. remember that? he is in the same trap that you can put a senator in, santorum getting nailed for making tradeoffs when you vote. it was poorly anticipated i guess by him. he should have seen it coming. now he is getting drummed by mitt romney today how he sort of admitted went consistent with the principalles but i had to vote for it anyway. it was a weak moment for him. >> bret: charles? >> i think he encapsulated that error in the phrase he used when he tried to explain why he voted for no child left behind. which the conservative spectrum looks at it as a huge
1:53 am
government intrusion. he said i did it. i didn't really support it but i did it because i had a president who wanted it. he was a republican president. politics is a team sport. now this is a guy who wants to claim the mantle of the tea party. and their central objection to washington, or what is happening among republicans and what they call rinos is they play a team sport, abandon principle. the ideological roots when they become member of congress. that is the weakness in the santorum case for himself for the presidency. and i think he unfortunately for his campaign he reinforced it. >> bret: romney hit on that today on the stump. >> we saw it, in this case, senator santorum explain most of the night why he did or voted for things he disagreed with. he talked about this as being taking one for the team. i wonder which team he was taking it for.
1:54 am
my team is the american people. not the insiders in washington. >> bret: did he change the dynamic there, bill? >> no. the team he was taking it for was president george w. bush his first in office. maybe "no child left behind" is bad legislation. santorum said last night i made a mistake. mitt romney has never said about romneycare i made a mistake. and as a conservative, i think romneycare is a lot bigger a mistake than the "no child left behind" bill. and rick santorum says he made a mistake. romney never said he made a mistake. >> i grant you there isn't any question that santorum in his career has been a consistent conservative with occasionm deafiatiooccasion --occasional . romney has come late to the ideology. i'm talking about the damage that santorum did to himself last night, whether or not it's a true reflection of who he truly is. he made a mistake in explai explaining away the votes he did, i oppose it on principle. his appeal to michigan is to the tea party. he is the one that says i'm the authentic guy. when he says i'm playing a
1:55 am
team game, you get ron paul on the side snickering at him. i think he made a tactical error doing that. >> bret: chuck, did newt gingrich change his dynamic heading to super tuesday? >> he changed his comportment. they were all sitting down there. a lower key affair. and newt was kind of leaning back in his chair and seemed more proffesorial and calmer than he has in recent debates. he was more strident about barack obama than the other guys. he didn't sort of take aim at santorum and romney. so i view his performance as a wash. in terms of advancing himself among the other republicans. >> bret: bill? >> yeah, i think in michigan and arizona, romney and santorum will run one, two, or one-two in whichever direction. i think it will be hard for newt gingrich to get back in the race honestly. i say, that we have all been wrong a million times he'll probably surge to 42% in the polls on super tuesday. it felt like night like romney-santorum, like it is a
1:56 am
romney-santorum race. >> bret: ron paul is helping romney at this point? >> objectively speaking. newt had a great night. he was genial evuncular and really good. when he is bad, he is awful. when he's good he is really good. >> evuncular? >> bret: cheerful. stay tuned for update on one dignitary fashion statement. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling,
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>> finally tonight earlier this week reported in the grapevine hillary clinton standing out during the g 20 summit final family photo of mexico. one show has discovered there was apparently a reason behind her situation. >> hillary clinton stood out at the g 20 summit in mexico not for what she said, but for what she wore. take a look. apparently she did not get the memo. all wore white while she wore green. you can't really blame her. look what happene


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